Intergraph raster files (RGB/COT)

Long name Intergraph Raster File
Short name RGB, COT
File extension(s) .rgb, .cot

The GDB library supports some variants of the Intergraph Raster format. No auxiliary or georeferencing information is supported for Intergraph Raster format files. Intergraph raster files may have a variety of extensions including .rgb, .cot, and .cfl.

The supported sub-formats are: grayscale continuous tone (type 2), compressed RGB (type 27), and uncompressed RGB (type 28). Type 28 has not been tested.

GDB can create continuous tone files, and existing files may be updated if they are not of type 27. The LINK program can be used to access Intergraph Raster data in type 2 and type 28 files.

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