Ilwis Raster

Long name Ilwis Raster
Short name MPR
File extension(s) .mpr, .mpd, .mp#, .grf, .rp#, .csy

The GDB library supports Ilwis 2.x Raster images (.mpr) for import and live linking. An Ilwis raster image consists of several different files, with the header information stored in a file with the extension .mpr. Normally the image data is stored in a similarly named file with the extension .mp#. Note that Ilwis 1.x raster images are not supported.

Only 8-bit (byte), 16-bit (int) and 32-bit (long) images are supported. 32-bit (Long) is read as 32 real in GDB. One bit, and real images are not supported at this time.

If the raster has GeoRefCorners georeferencing, the corner coordinates for the raster are read from the .grf file, and represented as the georeferencing of the image.

If the raster has a class representation, the translator will read the associated PCT information from the .rp# file.

If there is an associated .csy (coordinate system) file, the translator will search for, and read the file to get the projection definition. At this time, the only projections recognized by the translator are UTM, Albers EqualArea Conic, Azimuthal Equidistant, Equidistant Conic, Lambert Azimuthal EqualArea, Lambert Conformal Conic, Miller Cylindrical, Mercator, Oblique Mercator PolyConic, Robinson, Stereographic, Sinusoidal and Transverse Mercator. All other projections will be treated as generic meters.

There is no support for exporting Ilwis data, or writing data other than the image itself to an existing Ilwis data set.

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