Long name ERDAS
Short name ERD
File extension(s) .erd, .aux, .lan, .gis, .pro, .sta, .gsw, .trl

Erdas version 7.4 .GIS and .LAN image files are supported by the GDB library. In fact, some files earlier than version 7.4 are also supported, but the new version 8.0 files may not be supported. Both 8-bit, and 16-bit unsigned Erdas files are supported; however, 4-bit files are not supported. Limited support for reading georeferencing information exists, however, UTM zones and other detailed projection information is lost on import or export. Bounds are properly preserved.

Only the .GIS or .LAN files are read by the GDB library. None of the auxiliary or trailer files are read or generated.

Export of Erdas .GIS and .LAN files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "ERD".

The Erdas file may contain any number of image channels of either eight bit or sixteen bit unsigned data types.

Georeferencing information will be written to the Erdas file if it is Long/Lat or UTM. No other data types such as PCTs, or LUTs can be written.

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