Erdas Imagine

Long name Erdas Imagine Image
Short name IMG
File extension(s) .img

Erdas Imagine (.img) files are supported by the GDB library for import, update and export.

All data types are supported for import, but layers types with no corresponding GDB type are converted to the type most appropriate. With GDB, any 1-bit image layers are promoted to 8-bit, not a bitmap segment, as might be expected.

Most georeferencing information is supported for import and export; however, the identity of many datums may be lost. Not all Erdas projections are supported by GDB.

Imagine pseudocolor tables (PCT) are supported on import and export; however, GCPs and other auxiliary information in Erdas files are not translated.

Exporting Erdas Imagine files (.img format) is supported. Any number of bands and all GDB image-data types can be exported. PCTs can also be exported; that is, the first PCT exported will be applied to the first band exported, the second to the second, and so forth.

Erdas Imagine data set that include overviews stored in an associated reduced resolution dataset (RRD) file will be used automatically by PCI. When generating overviews using PCI technology, they will be stored as RRD (.rrd) files.

Erdas Imagine supports files that are greater than 2 GB by using the imagery file (.ige) format. GDB supports the .ige format for import and export.

The option "1bit", "2bit", or "4bit" is used to specify output data type.

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