Long name EOSAT Fast Format (CD-ROM)
Short name EFF
File extension(s) .dat

EOSAT Fast Format is a tape format that has been extended to be used as a CDROM distribution format. GDB library support has been added for this format as distributed by EOSAT, RADARSAT, and the Indian Remote Sensing Centre. Revisions A, B, and C of EOSAT Fast Format should be supported.

The directory and naming conventions for EOSAT Fast Format CDROMs may vary, however, the GDB library is only able to understand two file naming conventions. It may be possible to read EOSAT Fast Format CDROMs from other sources if the files are renamed to match one of the following conventions.

  /cdrom/SCENE01/VOLD_01.DAT   <--- Select this file.
  /cdrom/SAMPLES/LISS1/HEADER.DAT   <--- Select this file

Georeferencing information may be extracted for some precision geocoded products. All EOSAT Fast Format data sets should contain a GCP segment with five points tying down the image corner points and center. These are suitable for an approximate image correction with OrthoEngine or REG. The contents of the header file are carried with the data set as a test segment for later review, if required.

There is currently no support for generating EOSAT Fast Format data sets with EASI.

The USGS is now distributing landsat products in NDF (NLAPS Data Format), which is also a supported format.

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