Long name USGS Digital Line Graph
Short name DLG
File extension(s) .dlg

USGS DLG (Digital Line Graphs) are supported for reading and writing by the GDB Library. The full topology of a DLG file is not retained during a read operation. Any Area information present in a DLG file will not be retained. In addition, only the first attribute code of a line will be retained, all others will be skipped.

DLG files written out by this program are equivalent to DLG level 2 files. When DLG files are written out, a node list is generated, and node-to-line as well as line-to-node linkages are generated. Since the full topology of the file is not retained, the left and right area fields of a Line Record will be initialized with a -1.

USGS DLG files may be created by Works programs. The DLGREAD and DLGWRIT programs may also be used to import and export DLG format vector data.

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