DIEPS Raster (EPH)

Long name DIEPS Raster
Short name EPH
File extension(s) .eph

The GTE DIEPS 5 software's native raster format is supported for read, link, update, and export. DIEPS data sets normally consist of a data file with no extension, and a header file with the extension .eph. The .eph header file should be selected in order to import DIEPS files.

Only eight-bit DIEPS files are supported at this time.

Projection and ground control information is neither imported from DIEPS, nor exported to DIEPS files, at this time.

The palette within the .eph file will be imported as a PCT segment, and the entire .eph header file will be imported as a text segment.

Export of DIEPS Raster files is supported. DIEPS files are exported with a type of "EPH".

The generated header file will have an extension of .eph (regardless of the extension in FILO), and the data file will have no extension.

FEXPORT can only generate files with one eight bit band. No vector data, or other auxiliary data can be written to .eph files. Only raster data is supported.

Data can also be exported to DIEPS via JPEG, NITF, and TIFF formats, though an extra import step will be required within DIEPS.

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