Long name NOAA-AVHRR Data Format
Short name AVH
File extension(s) .avh, .dat, .raw, .qlk, .led, .img, .trl, .rpd, .txt, .vol, .nul

Various AVHRR data formats are supported for reading by the GDB library. AVHRR refers to the sensor on NOAA satellites which produces this type of data.

AVHRR imagery typically contains 5 channels (2 visible channels and 3 thermal channels). Images are either 409 pixels wide (low resolution) or 2048 pixels wide (high resolution).

Supported AVHRR formats include:

Level1b channel selection is supported (Level1b data may contain less than 5 bands).

When FIMPORT is applied to AVHRR data, a text segment containing orbital element values and calibration data is created. For Level 1b HRPT/LAC and GAC formats, a GCP segment containing up to 255 GCPs is also created. For the Level 1b HRPT/LAC and AVHRR CEOS formats, an orbit segment is created. For details please see the subtopic descriptions of the individual file formats.

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