Atlantis MFF

Long name Atlantis MFF
Short name MFF
File extension(s) .hdr, .X00

Images in the Atlantis SAR Processor (MFF) format are supported by the GDB library for reading. This is the format produced by the SAR Processor product distributed by PCI.

Most images in MFF format are in the complex domain (each pixel consists of a real and an imaginary component). When read, each complex image is represented by three image channels. One contains the real component, the second contains the imaginary component, and the third contains the magnitude of the first two components.

MFF files consist of a header file that contains information such as the image size, and a separate file for each image layer. To select an MFF file, use the name of the header file (for example, AZC.hdr), not the name of one of the image files (for example, AZC.X00).

The header file must have "IMAGE_FILE_FORMAT = MFF" as the first line. This may not exist in some older Atlantis MFF files, and may be manually added.

No georeferencing or other auxiliary data is imported with MFF files. Exporting to MFF format is not supported, nor can an MFF file be linked to using the LINK function.

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