ArcInfo BIL (Raster)

Long name ArcInfo BIL
Short name BIL
File extensions .bil, .hdr, .rep, .clr, .blw, .flt

The ArcInfo BIL format consists of a BIL file and a HDR file.

The .hdr file contains georeferencing and structural information while the .bil file contains only image data. To open the data set, you must select the .bil file.

Georeferencing information is handled for some projections; however, due to limitations in the available documentation, some Spot Image supported projections are not supported fully. The georeferencing is read from the .blw ESRI World file, if it is available; otherwise, the .hdr file is used. For the specific information aboug how georeferencing is assigned using a World file, see TIFF (TIF).

If the .clr file is available for an 8-bit image, then the values are read into a pseudo color table (PCT) segment for the image.

Creation of ArcInfo BIL is supported. The only available option for export is WORLD, which creates an ESRI World file that contains georeferencing. By default, georeferencing is added to the .hdr file.

If a PCT segment is selected for export, then a .clr file is created.

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