Arc/Info Grid (ASCII)

Long name Arc/Info Grid (ASCII)
Short name GRD
File extension(s) .grd, .prj

Arc/Info ASCII Grid files are supported by the GDB library. This file format is compatible with the Arc/Info ASCIIGRID and GRIDASCII commands, and consists of one raster layer.

The ASCII Grid format is supported for import and export, and is always represented as a single 16-bit signed or 32-bit floating point raster layer.

If a ".prj" file is in the same directory as the grid file, and has the same basename as the grid file it will be read to obtain projection information.

Is is not possible to LINK to Grid files as they are ASCII encoded.

Export of Arc/Info ASCII Grid files is supported. These files are exported with a type of "GRD".

All grid files are written out as a single 16 bit signed or 32 bit floating point raster layer. Grid files should be read into Arc/Info with the ASCIIGRID command.

No other data types can be exported to a grid file. Georeferencing coordinates are written to the file, but the georeferencing system is not. That is, .prj files are not produced.

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