Arc/Info Grid (Binary)

Long name Arc/Info Grid (Binary)
Short name ABG
File extension(s) .adf

Arc/Info GRID data is the grid directory plus the associated file in the info directory. The actual image is stored in the file w001001.adf. The data set can be chosen by selecting one of the files in the directory except the vat.adf file, or by specifying the directory itself.

Floating point image data is supported as 32-bit real raster. Depending on the range of values, integer rasters are supported as 8-bit or 16-bit integer rasters or 32-bit real rasters. The projection information is supported. If there is a vat.adf file containing attributes, the data set is supported as a thematic raster. If an overview is present, it is used.

Export of Arc/Info GRID data is not supported.

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