Arc/Info Generate

Long name Arc/Info Generate
Short name AGE
File extension(s) .age

Arc/Info Generate (or Ungenerate) files are supported by the GDB library. They are represented as a single vector segment, with no other auxiliary information.

Generate files do not contain any georeferencing information, therefore the vectors are assigned a georeferencing type of METRE. Generate files contain one numeric attribute which is imported and exported with the vector data.

Export of Arc/Info Generate is supported.

Arc/Info Generate vector files are exported with a type of "AGE". One, and only one vector segment may be exported, and its georeferencing system will be lost.

When exporting to Arc/Info Generate format the output file will contain either points or lines, but not both. If the segment being output contains both, the output file will contain one or the other and the user will not receive a run time warning that some of the data is being dropped.

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