Long name Arc Digitized Raster Image
Short name ADRI or DRI
File extension(s) .info, .ovr, .pan

ADRI, or Arc Digitized Raster Image, is a single-band raster format produced in the past by DMA. The format is supported for read and update by GDB.

Users should select the .info file in the ADRI data set, which typically includes the following files:
  • <-- pick this file, which is the header
  • n32e049_ir.ovr <-- overview image ... ignored.
  • n32e049_ir.pan <-- full res raster image

ADRI files appear to be sampled on a lat/long grid, and the corresponding georeferencing is represented. Because it is not apparent from the header files what the ADRI file's datum consists of, a datum of WGS84 (E012) is assumed (this may be incorrect).

ADRI data is in a flat-raster format, and therefore is supported both for linking and for update of the raster data itself.

The only other auxiliary data supported with ADRI data sets is the header file itself, which is imported as a text segment.

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