WorldView-1 and WorldView-2

Key file name (use to open data set) *.imd
Supported file extension(s) .imd, .ntf, .rpb, .til, .tif
Sensor Panchromatic and multispectral
Platform WorldView-1 and WorldView-2
Data distributor DigitalGlobe

Data product name
Distribution disk files
Returned data
Returned file-level metadata

Data product name

Short Name Long Name
P1BS Level 1B
P2AS, S2AS Ortho Ready Standard Level

Distribution disk files

File Name File Type Required Contents


TIFF or NTF Yes Image data
*.imd Text Yes Text file
*.rpb Text Yes RPC file
*.til Text Yes Text file

Returned data

Data Product Data Returned Details


PCIDSK (.pix) file This file stores the WorldView data in PCIDSK (.pix) format.

Returned file-level metadata

The following returned metadata applies to the imported PCIDSK (.pix) file.

Name Description Values
Version Product version number Version number
GenerationTime Product generation time

Generation time
(for example, 2010-01-05T23:23:38.000000)

ProductOrderId Product Order ID ID
imageDescriptor Description of image 1B or OR Standard 2A
bandId Band ID P or RGB
pansharpAlgorithm Pansharp algorithm None or UNB
productlevel Product level LV2A or 1B
radiometricLevel Radiometric level Corrected

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