Long name SuperView-1, SuperView-2, SuperView NEO-1
Short name SV1, SV2, SVN1
Sensor type Panchromatic and Multi-spectral CCD Camera - 3
Platform SuperView-1, SuperView-2, SuperView NEO-1
Key file name (use to open dataset)


Supported file name extensions .xml, .tiff, .jpg, .rpb, .tfw

Data product name and description
Distribution disk files
Returned data for supported format

Data product name and description

SuperView-1/2 is also known as GaoJing-1/2. The objective of the SuperView-1/2 satellites is to provide imagery with panchromatic resolution of 0.5 meters and multispectral resolution of 2 meters on a swath of 12 kilometers. The spacecraft are very agile and provide multiple collection modes, including long strip, multiple strips collect, multiple point targets collect, and stereo imaging. The maximum single scene can be 60 kilometers by 70 kilometers of video data.

The SuperView Neo 1 satellites were designed and manufactured by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). The company is developing a SuperView Neo satellite system, a successor of the existing SuperView-1 constellation. The SuperView Neo constellation will include at least 28 satellites of 3 series. The first unit is called SuperView Neo-1 and it aims to provide 0.2 ~ 0.3m(pan) or 1.2m(ms) optical images.

Note: The information provided herein is based on the data distributor's documentation cited under References.

Spectral bands:
Spectral range (nm)

Spatial resolution (m)*
(spectral resolution)

Maximum image dimensions
(Across track x along track, km)


B1 (Blue): 450 - 520
B2 (Green): 520 - 590
B3 (Red): 630 - 690
B4 (NIR): 770 - 890
PAN - SV1: 450 - 890
PAN - SV2: 450 - 900

0.5 PAN
2.0 MS
SuperView NEO-1:
0.2 ~ 0.3 PAN
1.0 MS


Detectors: CCD array
SV1 Data quantization: 11 bit
SV2 Data quantization: 12 bit
SV1 Data positioning accuracy: ≤ 20 meters
SV2 Data positioning accuracy: ≤ 10 meters
Imaging capacity per day: 700,000 square kilometers

* Resolution is always nadir position unless noted otherwise.

Processing level Product Name Description/notes
1B Basic Product Basic SuperView-1 and SuperView-2 imagery products are corrected for radiometric and sensor distortion and are not projected
2A Ortho Ready Standard Product Projected and resampled, projected to ellipsoid in using current image mean elevation

Distribution disk files

You can open a SuperView-1/2 or SuperView NEO-1 data set by selecting the SV1(2)-*-MUX.xml file or SV1(2)-*-PAN.xml file.

Warning: Data sets for this sensor are organized in a specific folder structure on disk. GDB uses this structure and the file names to identify the data product type. Do not alter the folder structure or any file names prior to data ingestion to ensure the image data and auxiliary information are imported correctly.

When opening a SuperView-1/2 or SuperView NEO-1 data set, the files read by GDB are as described in the following table.

File name Format Required Contents/details

SV1(2)-*_L1B(or 2A)*-MUX.xml
SV1(2)-*_L1B(or 2A)*-PAN.xml

Extensible Markup Language Yes Key file name. Contains data-set metadata.

SV1(2)-*_L1B(or 2A)*-MUX.tiff
SV1(2)-*_L1B(or 2A)*-PAN.tiff

GeoTIFF Yes Image data.

SV1(2)-*_L1B(or 2A)*-MUX.rpb
SV1(2)-*_L1B(or 2A)*-PAN.rpb

Text Yes Rational function model (RPC data).

SV1(2)-*_L1B(or 2A)*-MUX_thumb.jpg
SV1(2)-*_L1B(or 2A)*-PAN_thumb.jpg

Joint Photographic Experts Group Yes Image thumbnail file.

Returned data for supported format

SuperView-1/2 data or SuperView NEO-1 can be opened directly in its raw vendor format or imported into a PCIDSK (*.pix) file using the key file name (SV1-*-MUX.xml or SV1-*-PAN.xml). For optimal processing, use the PCIDSK format.

The following table describes the data structure after it is opened by GDB.

Data product Data returned Details
1B (MS)

4 x [16U] raster channels

1 x [ORB] Orbit segment
1 x [BIN] Rational function model

1B (PAN)

1 x [16U] raster channels

1 x [ORB] Orbit segment
1 x [BIN] Rational function model

2A (MS)

4 x [16U] raster channels

1 x [ORB] Orbit segment
1 x [BIN] Rational function model

2A (PAN)

1 x [16U] raster channels
1 x [ORB] Orbit segment
1 x [BIN] Rational function model



For more information, visit:

SuperView-2 Satellite Imagery Product Guide V2.0.pdf. Version 2.0

SuperView NEO-1 Product Guide. Version 1.0

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