Long name Satellogic
Short name StLg
Key file name (use to open data set) *_metadata_stac.geojson
Supported file extension(s) .geojson, .json, .tif
Sensor Stabilized CMOS area sensor
Platform Satellogic
Data distributor Satellogic

Data product name and description
Distribution disk files
Returned data for supported format

Data product name and description

Satellogic; also known as NewSat Mark IV spacecrafts are EO satellites designed to operate in polar sun-synchronous low earth orbits (SSO, LEO), equipped with two imaging payloads, as well as extra bay space for additional hosted payloads and technology demonstrations. The satellites have been launched since 2020 and operate nominally at 475 km of altitude. They are flexible and versatile to capture points of interest (POIs) and areas of interest (AOI) over almost any point of the Earth surface and can be maneuvered to capture long so called “stripes” of up to 2100 km length and at up to 70º inclination from the satellite orbital track.

Note: The information provided herein is based on the data distributor's documentation cited under References.

Spectral bands:
Spectral range (nm)

Spatial resolution (m)*
(spectral resolution)

Maximum image dimensions
(Across track x along track, km)


B1 (Blue): 450 - 510
B2 (Green): 510 - 580
B3 (Red): 590 - 690
B4 (NIR): 750 - 900

L1 SR/L3 SR:0.70


Framing: Tile
Units: L1/L1 SR = TOAR L3/L3 SR = DN
Number of bands: L1/L1 SR = 4 L3/L3 SR = 3
Image Delivert bits/pixel: L1/L1 SR = 16 bits L3/L3 SR = 8bits
Projection: UTM/WGS84
Corrections: Sensor, Radiometric, Geometric, Ortho-rectified

* Resolution is always nadir position unless noted otherwise.

Processing level Product Name Description/notes
L1 Analytical Product The L1 product is a 4 band with Top of the Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance records measurements in physical units and enables analysts to perform basic classifications and analytics. The imagery is radiometrically and geometrically corrected.
L3 Visual Product The L3 product is a projected, 3-band visual RGB enhanced imagery that has been contrast-stretched, intended primarily used for visual analysis. A user could do basic analytics such as object identification, but this product’s primary purpose is to be a visually-appealing picture.
L1 SR 70 cm Analytical Product Super resolution products offer an enhancement in the sharpness of the L1 products, which greatly improves its visual interpretability and makes it especially useful for Machine Learning detection and segmentation.
L3 SR 70 cm Visual Product The L3 visual product is processed to create a 3-band RGB for visual interpretation. The imagery is an orthorectified product with a color and contrast correction applied to the super-resolved blue, green, red bands and designed to make it visually appealing to the human eye.

Distribution disk files

File Name File Type Required Contents Details
*_MS.vrt VRT No Image Overview image file
*_cloud_mask.vrt VRT No Cloud mask Overview cloud mask file
*_metadata_iso.xml XML Yes Metadata Metadata file
*_metadata_stac.geojson GeoJSON Yes Metadata Metadata file
*_toa_factors.json JSON Yes Metadata Metadata file
rasters\*_MS_x.tif(x is tile number) GeoTIFF Yes Image data Tiled image file
rasters\*_MS_cloud_mask_x.tif(x is tile number) GeoTIFF No Image data Tiled Image file for cloud mask

Returned data for supported format

The following table describes the data structure after it is opened by GDB.

Data product Data returned Details
L1/L1 SR (MS)

4 x [16U] raster channels

1 x [TEX] Text segment

L3/L3 SR (MS)

3 x [8U] raster channels

1 x [TEX] Text segment



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