Long name PlanetScope
Short name PLS
Sensor type Each PlanetScope Dove satellite is a CubeSat 3U form factor (10 x 10 x 30 centimeters). The complete PlanetScope constellation consists of approximately 120 satellites. Each satellite carries a telescope and a frame CCD camera equipped with a Bayer-mask filter.
Platform PlanetScope
Key file name (use to open dataset) *_metadata.xml
Supported file name extensions .xml, .tif

Data product name and description
Distribution disk files
Returned data for supported format

Data product name and description

There are four generations of optical instruments:
  • PlanetScope 0 (PS0)
  • PlanetScope 1 (PS1)
  • PlanetScope 2 Dove-R (PS2.SD)
  • PlanetScope SuperDove (PSB.SD)
The spectral bands are:
  • Red: 590 - 670 nanometres (nm)
  • Green: 500 - 590 nm
  • Blue: 455 - 515 nm
PS2 also has a near-infrared band 780-860 nm.
The spectral bands for SuperDove are:
  • Coastal Blue: 431 - 452 nm
  • Blue: 465 - 515 nm
  • Green I: 513 - 549 nm
  • Green II: 547 - 583 nm
  • Yellow: 600 - 620 nm
  • Red: 650 - 680 nm
  • Red-Edge: 697 - 713 nm
  • NIR: 845 - 885 nm
Note: The information provided herein is based on the data distributor's documentation cited under References.
Name Description

Level 1B
Basic Scene Product

Scaled top-of-atmosphere radiance (at sensor) and sensor-corrected product. This product has scene-based framing and is not projected to a cartographic projection. Radiometric and sensor corrections are applied to the data.

Level 3A
Ortho Tile Product

Radiometric and sensor corrections are applied to the data. Imagery is orthorectified and projected to a UTM projection.

Distribution disk files

The document cited under References describes the 21 different types of delivery asset that are possible with the data API.

Returned data for supported format

GDB supports the PlanetScope data set as a three-band, four-band image or eight-band image, plus metadata.


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