Long name Jilin-1
Short name JL1
Sensor type Optical
Platform Jilin-1
Key file name (use to open data set)


Supported file extensions .xml, .tif, .rpc, .jpg

Data product name and description
Distribution disk files
Returned data for supported format

Data product name and description

Jilin-1 is a four-satellite group equipped with a multispectral (MS) camera with a resolution of 2.88 m and a panchromatic (PAN) camera with a resolution of 0.92 m. The swath width is 11.6 kilometers.

Note: The information provided herein is based on the data distributor's documentation.

Spectral bands:
Spectral range (nm)

Spatial resolution (m)*
(spectral resolution)

Maximum image dimensions
(Across track x along track, km)


B1 (Pan): 500 - 800

0.92 11.6 N/A

B1 (Blue): 450 - 520
B2 (Green): 520 - 600
B3 (Red): 630 - 690

2.88 11.6 N/A

* Resolution is always nadir position unless noted otherwise.

Processing level Horizontal accuracy (m) Description/notes
L1 N/A N/A

Distribution disk files

Depending on the CATALYST Professional program you use, you may be prompted to load either the multispectral (MS) or panchromatic (PAN) data. For example, in CATALYST Professional Focus, in the File Selector window, after you select the *.xml file you may be prompted to select MS or PAN. In CATALYST Professional EASI, Python, or in another text-based program, the input file name can have the following formats:
  • JL101A_PMS_yyyymmddhhmmss_aaaaaaaa_bbb_cccc_ddd_LX_MSS_meta.xml
  • JL101A_PMS_yyyymmddhhmmss_aaaaaaaa_bbb_cccc_ddd_LX_PAN_meta.xml
Designator Description
aaaaaaaaa Mission number
bbb Segment number
cccc Scene number
ddd Product number
LX Level number (currently L1)
Warning: Data sets for this sensor are organized in a specific folder structure on disk. GDB uses this structure and the file names to identify the data product type. Do not alter the folder structure or any file names prior to data ingestion to ensure the image data and auxiliary information are imported correctly.

When opening a Jilin-1 data set, the files read by GDB are as described in the following tables. You must open the key file that corresponds to the data type for GDB to read the information.

File name Format Required Contents/details
*_meta.xml Extensible Markup Language Yes Key file name. Use this file to open the data set.
*.tif GeoTIFF Yes Image data, one file for PAN band or all spectral bands.
*_rpc.txt Text Yes Rational functions model data.
*_thumb.jpg JPEG Optional Thumbnail image file.
*.jpg JPEG Optional Overview image file.

Returned data for supported format

The following table describes the data structure after it is opened by GDB.

Data product Data returned Details
L1 (MS)

3 x [16U] raster channels

1 x [ORB] orbit segment
1 x [BIN] rational function model segment

L1 (PAN)

1 x [16U] raster channel

1 x [ORB] orbit segment
1 x [BIN] rational function model segment


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