Long name JL1KF01
Short name JL1K
Key file name (use to open data set) JL1KF01*_meta.xml
Supported file extension(s) .xml, .tif, _rpc.txt, .jpg, .dbf, .prj, .shp, .shx

Panchromatic: JL1KF01A_PAN JL1KF01B_PAN JL1KF01C_PAN
Multispectral:  JL1KF01A_MSS JL1KF01B_MSS JL1KF01C_MSS

Platform JL1KF01A JL1KF01B JL1KF01C
Data distributor Chang Guang Satellite or HEAD Aerospace

Data product name and description
Distribution disk files

Data product name and description

Data Product Description
Panchromatic image (one band)

Panchromatic (PAN)

JL1KF01A:Resolution: 0.75m
JL1KF01B/C:Resolution: 0.50m

Multispectral image (four bands)

Band 1  (Blue)
Band 2  (Green)
Band 3  (Red)
Band 4  (NIR)

JL1KF01A:Resolution: 3m
JL1KF01B/C:Resolution: 2m

Distribution disk files

File Name File Type Required Contents Details
JL1KF01A(B/C)_*_meta.xml XML Yes Metadata Metadata file
JL1KF01A(B/C)_*.tif GeoTIFF Yes Image data Image file
JL1KF01A(B/C)_*_rpc.txt Text Yes RPC data RPC text file
JL1KF01A(B/C)_*_thumb.jpg BIN No Thumbnail overview Thumbnail file
JL1KF01A(B/C)_*.jpg BIN No Browse overview Browse file
JL1KF01A(B/C)_*.shp, .shx, .dbf, .prj BIN No Footprint Shapefile data set


For more information, visit: http://www.charmingglobe.com Chang Guang or https://www.head-aerospace.eu HEAD.

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