Long name GeoJSON
Short name GJSN
Key file name (use to open dataset) *.geojson or *.json
Supported file name extensions N/A

Data product name and description
Format-support information

Format description

GeoJSON is an open-standard format designed for representing simple geographical features, along with their non-spatial attributes. The format is based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

The features include the following:
  • Points (addresses and locations)
  • Line strings (streets, highways and boundaries)
  • Polygons (countries, provinces, tracts of land)
  • Multi-part collections of the preceding three types

GeoJSON uses a geographic coordinate reference system, World Geodetic System 1984, and units of decimal degrees.

The GeoJSON format differs from other GIS standards in that it was written and is maintained not by a formal standards organization, but by an Internet working group of developers.

The GeoJSON format working group and discussion were begun in March 2007 and the format specification was finalized in June 2008. In April 2015, the Internet Engineering Task Force founded the Geographic JSON working group, which released GeoJSON as RFC 7946 in August 2016.

Note: The information provided herein is based on the data distributor's documentation cited under References.

Format-support information

Support for the GeoJSON format is as described in the following table.

Attribute Supported
Read Yes
Write No
Create No

Support level

GDB import GeoJSON as a vector layer with all types of geometry information including extents information.

When a GeoJSON object type is Feature or FeatureCollection, GDB creates an attribute table of properties for each.


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