GDB Text Export (GTE)

Long name GDB Text Export
Short name GTE
File extension(s) .gte

The GDB Text Export (GTE) format is supported in Read/Write mode.

The following is a description of the file syntax:

The file is divided into segments. Each segment contains several parts. These are described in the sections that follow.

Segment start


Segment name


Segment description



This is not mandatory, but if available, should have the following structure:


The Fields part explains the fields (or attributes) that are attached to each record of the segment. The following are defined:

Layer metadata

The following structure is used:

RST associated with the layer

The following structure is used:

Header end

The header represents the segment name and description, the projection information, the fields information, the layer metadata, and the associated RST.



The Record part contains the actual field values and geometry information, as follows.

Segment end


File metadata

The following structure is used:

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