Long name DubaiSat-2
Short name DB2
Key file name (use to open data set)

In CATALYST Professional EASI, use the command line fili="filename-MS" or fili="filename-PAN", as applicable.

Supported file extension(s) .xml, .tif, .jpg

Panchromatic: DUBAISAT2_PAN
Multispectral: DUBAISAT2_MS

Platform DubaiSat-2
Data distributor Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST)

Data product name, description, and version
Distribution disk files
Returned data
Returned file-level metadata

Data product name, description, and version

Data Product Description Version
Panchromatic image (one band)

Panchromatic (PAN)

Resolution: 1 m

Multispectral image (four bands)

Band 1 (Blue)
Band 2  (Green)
Band 3
Band 4 (Red)

Resolution: 4 m


Distribution disk files

File Name File Type Required Contents Details
D2_*_Aux.xml XML Yes Metadata Metadata file
D2_*.tif GeoTIFF Yes Image data Image file
D2_*_th.jpg BIN No Thumbnail Thumbnail file
D2_*_br.jpg BIN No Overview N/A

Returned data

Data Product Data Returned Details
DubaiSat-2 satellite image data (PAN) One channel for panchromatic data GDB retrieves one image channel for panchromatic data
DubaiSat-2 satellite image data (MS) Four channels for multispectral data GDB retrieves four image channels for multispectral data
Product annotation data One text segment for product information GDB generate a text segment for product information
Orbit data One orbit segment for orbit data N/A

Returned file-level metadata

Name Description Values
SensorModelName Model name of the sensor that acquired the data


SensorType Type of imagery acquired Optical
SensorCode Sensor code PAN, MS
ProductType Data product type Geo, radio
PlatformName Platform name DubaiSat-2
FormatName Format of imagery GeoTIFF
RowCount Number of rows in pixels Integer
ColumnCount Number of columns in pixels Integer
NumberOfBands Number of bands Integer (1 or 4)
SourceID Source identification String
SpatialResolutionX Horizontal spatial resolution of the image 1 m (PAN), 4 m (MS)
SpatialResolutionY Vertical spatial resolution of the image 1 m (PAN), 4 m (MS)
Acquisition_DateTime Time that the data was acquired String
SolarAzimuth Solar azimuth Real
SatelliteAltitude Altitude of satellite Integer
SatelliteAzimuth Azimuth angle of satellite Real
SatelliteElevationAngle Elevation angle of satellite Real


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