Long name ADS/SOCET SET®
Short name ADS
Key file name (use to open data set) *.sup
Supported file extensions *.ads, *.odf, *.tif

The Leica airborne digital sensor (ADS) is a line-scanning sensor that collects images in a long strips up to 24,000 pixels wide. This camera can simultaneously collect panchromatic, color, and color-infrared stereo imagery. All multispectral bands are also collected simultaneously at the same high resolution, providing five-band, coregistered, and equal resolution imagery from data acquisition.

The following models of the Leica ADS are GDB-supported:
  • ADS40
  • ADS80
  • ADS100
ADS Level 0, Level 1, or Level 2 imagery is associated with a support file, typically found in a SUP folder. Before you use any of your ADS imagery, make sure the referenced file names are specified correctly in the support (*.sup) file:
GDB supports reading existing pyramids for ADS data for better performance. GDB can directly access ADS images if the associated files are organized in one of the following variations:
  • Absolute

    Files are referenced by the exact path and file name in the .sup file. This is the recommended usage, because the paths in the .sup file are valid.

  • Flattened

    Base files are in the same folder as the .sup file that references them. If the data has been flattened into a single folder, GDB reads all images (and ignores the stored paths).

  • Remove common

    In the .sup file, remove the common aspects of the stored paths.

ADS Image Format (*.ads)

The ADS image format is specific to the Leica airborne digital sensor (ADS), which is a digital line sensor. Each charge-coupled device (CCD) line array on the focal plane generates a continuous strip of imagery, which may be considered to be a single image for most processing operations. However, due to file-size limitations of some operating systems, and to allow efficient processing, the image data may be required to be stored in separate "blocks" on disk.

The ASCII information file (.sup) provides pointers to the multiple files that contain the data.

Camera-calibration file (*.cam)

This file contains the geometric and radiometric calibration for a CCD line on the ADS sensor.

Orientation Data File (*.odf)

This file contains the position and orientation of each scan line in an ADS image. This file is interpolated from the real-time solution that is generated after the IPAS processing.

Updated Orientation Data File (*.odf.adj)

Orientation data that is updated by triangulation.

Data product name and version

Product name Description
Level 0 Georeferenced raw imagery
Level 1 Rectified imagery to a plane and rotated for stereo viewing
Level 2 Orthorectified imagery

The GDB-supported .sup format has a raster layer. Level 0 and Level 1 have a binaries layer, which stores the actual raster image and ADS model.

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