Long name ActiveX Data Objects by .NET Framework
Short name ADO.NET
File extension(s) .xls, .mdb

ADO.NET is part of the base class library included with the Microsoft .NET Framework. ADO.NET is a set of computer software components used to access data and data services.

Databases that are accessible through ODBC may also be accessible using ADO.NET. GDB supports the following ADO.NET file formats:

GDB can read all of the above formats. It can also create files with the first two formats; ESRI Personal GeoDatabase files cannot be created. The above formats cannot be randomly updated. Nested records are not supported.

To open an Access, Excel, ESRI Personal GeoDatabase file, use the File Selector in CATALYST Professional. Files without geographic data do not display in maps, but can be viewed using the View Attributes command. The layer is searched for X,Y or Lon,Lat fields; if either of these are found, GDB uses this information to create a point layer for the layer.

Note: Due to conflicts, when you install a 64-bit version of CATALYST Professional, ADO.NET is not installed if 32-bit MS Office 2010 (or later) is already installed on the computer.

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