Erica Lemieux

Object Analyst – Batch Classification

The CATALYST Professional Object Analyst is an object-based image-analysis (OBIA) module. It is used to segment an image into objects for classification and analysis. It differs from the traditional pixel-based approach, which focuses on a single pixel as the source of analysis. BATCH CLASSIFICATION The Object Analyst workflow has a batch classification feature. With batch …

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Mosaic Tool

In image processing, mosaicking means to join several overlapping images to form a single, uniform image. It is similar to creating a jigsaw puzzle with your images, and then making the seams disappear. For the mosaic to look like a single image instead of a collage of images, it is important that the images fit …

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Optical Satellite Orthorectification

Table of Contents Orthorectified images (orthos) are geometrically corrected and georeferenced imagery. Orthorectification is the process of using a rigorous math model and a digital elevation model (DEM) to correct distortions in raw images. This tutorial outlines the optical satellite orthorectification process using OrthoEngine. This workflow will show how to import data, collect ground control …

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