Standalone Automatic Licensing – Catalyst Professional

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a friendly and easy to follow step-by-step guide for a standalone installation of Catalyst Professional. A license key for the software will then be requested and automatically applied through the License Utility.

Table of Contents

Software Download


To complete the installation, you will first need to download the corresponding files from our website which can be seen at the following link:

Note: The demo data and installation manual are separate downloads and can be found within the Download page listed above.

Software Installation

Launch the CATALYST Professional executable that you just downloaded.  The following window appears:

The Catalyst Professional Installation Wizard starts.

Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

The license agreement appears.  Please read through the agreement and select ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’ and then click ‘Next’ to proceed.  By not agreeing to the terms and conditions the installation will immediately cancel.

The Python Environment window appears. This allows you to choose whether you would like to set up your Python environment to use Python 3.6 by default. If you un-check this option, your current Python environment will not be changed.

The Installation Location screen appears.  Choose a destination folder to install the software, and then click ‘Next’.

Note: Due to certain read/write permission issues under the Program Files on new Windows machines, the default installation location is the C: drive.  We suggest keeping this default installation path in order to run the software.

For a Standalone Installation without a dongle, choose 1. Standalone (local license without a dongle) as the installation type.

For a Standalone Installation with a USB dongle, choose 2. USB Dongle (local license) as the installation type.

Click ‘Next’.

The installation is ready to begin.

Click ‘Install’.

The CATALYST Installation Wizard is complete.  Check ‘Start the License Utility’ and click ‘Finish’.

Licensing Mode - Fingerprint Information

The following steps outline how to register your licensing mode. 

1. The CATALYST License Registration tool opens. Verify that the correct licensing mode is selected for your installation. If the correct mode is selected, move on to Requesting and Applying a License Key.

Note: The Licensing mode is defaulted to the mode selected during the software installation. 

2. To modify the licensing mode, choose ‘Standalone (local license without a dongle)’ for a dongle-less installation, ‘USB dongle (local license)’ for a dongle based installation or ‘Client’ for a server and client installation. 

Note: You can switch the licensing mode by selecting either of the 3 options in this section. The corresponding registry information will be updated by clicking ‘Apply‘.

Requesting and Applying a License Key

The following steps outline how to request and apply a license key. You must have the order number and confirmation code available for the request. This information is found in the email confirming your order. The license key generated will include the software bundle with the subscription dates purchased based on the order specified. 

In the CATALYST License Registration window, enter the information requested. 

1. Enter your Order number. This is required. 

2. Enter the Confirmation code. This is required. This information is found in the email confirming your order.

3. Enter an email address. An email will be sent to the email address specified with a copy of the license key when it becomes available.

4. Click ‘Get License’. The license key will be available within 5 minutes.

5. A panel appears, logging the status of the request. The software is communicating with our servers to verify that the order, confirmation code and email provided are valid. Once the processing in finished, the log file can be exported to a text file by clicking ‘Export log…’

 Your confirmation email will arrive shortly.

6. Once the confirmation email arrives, your license keys are ready to be downloaded. To automatically apply the license keys, continue to the steps below. Keep the confirmation email with the license key download link for your records. 

Note: A copy of the license keys are also found here – C:\PCI Geomatics\CATALYST Professional\user

7. Click the ‘Get License’ button again to download and automatically apply the new license key. 

8. The license key has been automatically applied and can be seen in the CATALYST License Registration tool under Installed licenses.
9. Close the CATALYST License Registration tool before continuing.
The standalone installation of Catalyst Professional is now complete. You can launch the CATALYST Professional toolbar.
Contact our support team with any technical questions about our products. You can reach us at