License Server and Client Installation – Automatic Licensing – Catalyst Professional

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a friendly and easy to follow step-by-step guide for a license server installation and the corresponding clients of Catalyst Professional. A license key for the software will be automatically requested and applied through the License Registration tool as shown in this tutorial. 

Table of Contents

Software Download


To complete the installation, you will first need to download the corresponding files from our website which can be seen at the following link:

Note: The demo data and installation manual are separate downloads and can be found within the webpage listed above.

License Server Installation

Launch the CATALYST License Server Installation executable that you downloaded from our webpage. This executable will install the license server tools and the Sentinel RMS License Manager. 

The installation has begun. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

The installation wizard will now check if a previous installation or the license server is found. It will install the
missing components accordingly.

Click ‘Install’.

The installation is now complete. Click ‘Finish’ to exit the wizard.


A log file for items installed can be seen through the Start Menu > CATALYST License Server > License Server Install Log.

License Registration Tool

Now that the license server is installed, a license key will need to be requested through the License Registration Tool.

To run the License Registration Tool, navigate to License Registration on the Start menu.

Start Menu > CATALYST License Server > License Registration

Licensing Mode - Fingerprint Information

A license file is required to license the server. This file is generated based on the fingerprint information from your server machine. The fingerprint information is dependent upon whether you have a USB dongle or not. If you have a USB dongle for your server, the fingerprint corresponds to the dongle. In the case of a dongle-less server installation, the fingerprint corresponds to a combination of hardware characteristics. 

Note: With a dongle-less installation, the license is tied to that specific server computer.

To specify your licensing mode:

1. In the CATALYST License Registration tool check ‘Use USB dongle’ if a dongle is available for your installation. 

2. Leave the option unchecked for a dongle-less installation.

Requesting and Applying License Keys

The following steps outline how to request and apply a license key. You must have the order number and confirmation code available for the request. This information is found in the email confirming your order. The license key generated will include the software bundle with the subscription dates purchased on the order specified. 

In the CATALYST License Registration window, enter the information requested. 

1. Enter your Order number. This is required. 

2. Enter the Confirmation code. This is required. This information is found in the email confirming your order.

3. Enter an Email address. An email will be sent to the email address specified with a copy of the license key once it is generated. This takes about 5 minutes.

 4. Click ‘Get License’.

 5. A panel logging the status of the request appears. The software is communicating with our servers to verify that the order, confirmation code and email provided are valid. The log file can be exported to a text file by clicking ‘Export log…’

If your order contains a single seat, your confirmation email should be arriving shortly.

If your order contains multiple seats, the following window appears.

6. Select the number of seats you would like available on this license server.

7. Click ‘OK’

8. Once the confirmation email arrives, your license keys are ready to be downloaded. To automatically apply the license keys, continue to the steps below. The confirmation email with the license key download link can be kept for your records.

Note: A copy of the license keys are also found here: C:\PCI Geomatics\CATALYST Professional\user

9. Click the ‘Get License’ button again to download the new license key. 

10. The requested license key appears in the following window.

Select the license key and click ‘Apply license keys’.

The license key is automatically applied to the Server Administrator.

11. Close the CATALYST License Registration tool before continuing. 

Server Administrator

Now that the license key has been downloaded and registered to the server, verify that it is applied correctly to the Server Administrator. 

1. From the Start Menu select Server Administrator to open the WlmAdmin panel.

Start Menu > CATALYST License Server > Server Administrator