Learn how to automatically correct misalignments in your ortho-image stacks to improve time-series analysis

Questions & Answers

The shift is a common issue, but not always present. Furthermore, the magnitude of the shift varies from ortho to ortho. Main reason for the shift are:

  • Using difference control sources
  • Difference algorithms
  • Difference accuracy requirements

The shift is much more likely and often more significant between ortho-images of different platform types

We have a job in Enterprise called Accuracy Assessment Map that was used. 

One of the algorithms in the Super Registration workflow (SUPERMATCH) also produces an accuracy assessment, which can be accessed in CATALYST Professional

Super Registration is capable of 1/10th of a pixel accuracy.

Super Registration can help align images of varying resolutions. In this webinar we showcased an example of aligning Worldview-2 imagery with 0.5m resolution and UAV imagery with 0.05m resolution and achieved sub-pixel accuracy.

Super Registration is available in CATALYST Professional (all bundles), CATALYST Enterprise and CATALYST Microservices