License Server and Client Installation – Catalyst Professional

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide you with a friendly and easy to follow step-by-step guide for a license server installation and the corresponding clients of Catalyst Professional.

Table of Contents

Software Download


To complete the installation, you will first need to download the corresponding files from our website which can be seen at the following link:

**Please note that the demo data is a separate installation and can be found within the Download page listed above.

License Server Installation

Launch the Sentinel RMS Server executable that you downloaded. 

The Server RMS installation Wizard starts.  Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

The Safenet Sentinel RMS License Server installation wizard appears.  Please select ‘Install’ to proceed.

Ensure that any previous versions of the license server are uninstalled. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.


The license agreement for Sentinel System Driver appears.  Please read through the agreement and select ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’ and then click ‘Next’ to proceed.  By not agreeing to the terms and conditions the installation will immediately cancel.

The Customer Information window appears.  Fill out the pertaining information and select ‘Next’ to proceed.

The Destination Folder panel appears.  If you wish to accept the default path, please select ‘Next’ to proceed.  Otherwise make the appropriate changes, then select ‘Next’.

The Setup Type screen now appears.  Please toggle the ‘Complete’ installation and select ‘Next’ to proceed.

The Firewall Settings screen appears.  In order for the license manager to communicate with the client, the ‘Unblock the system firewall for the Sentinel RMS License Manager’ must be toggled on.  Failure to do so will result in manual changes to the firewall after installation.  Select ‘Next’ to proceed.

Installation is ready to begin.  Click ‘Install’.

The Sentinel System Driver Installer is now complete.  Please select ‘Finish’ to proceed.

Click ‘Finish’ on the final screen to close the installation wizard.

Gathering The Fingerprint Information

Now that the installation of the Sentinel RMS License Manager has been completed, you need to gather the fingerprint (Locking Code) and send this information to our Support Team at

Open the Wechoid Window. This is available through Start Menu > Programs > CATALYST License Server > Server Fingerprint Utility. It is also located in the following folders C:\Program Files (x86)\PCI Geomatics\SentinelUtilities\License_server\ServerUtils and C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT

This panel includes a number of check-boxes. Each of these corresponds to a different hardware locking criteria. Please generate the fingerprint following the instructions below, depending on your server configuration.

Dongle-Based Fingerprint

You will need to get the dongle-based fingerprint information if you have a USB dongle plugged into your server computer. 

  1. On the WEchoid panel Un-check all of the boxes.
  2. Re-check the Computer ID box
  3. The Selector information at the bottom of the window will change to 0x80
  4. Both the Selector and Code comprise the server fingerprint
  5. Capture a print screen (ALT + PrtScn) or copy the locking code and send it to our Support Team at

**Note: If computer ID is greyed out, the dongle is not properly being detected. Download and install the Sentinel Driver from the following link: If the dongle is still not detected please contact